550 Spyder

the worlds most accurate hand made, all aluminum reincarnation


…as defined by Merriam-Webster is “rebirth of the  soul in a new body.” And that’s the 550 Spyder, an authentic reproduction luxury automobile, reborn from a hand-hammered all aluminum body, custom fabricated steel tube frame and the soul of the original 550.  

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The 550 Spyder is THE car and shape that put Ferdinand Porsche on the map and it is usually classified as the most iconic and, arguably, the most beautiful sports car ever produced.

There is no fiberglass on this work of art.

We have re-created the venerable 550 Spyder with the same soul and essence as the original. Not a meager task. Three and a half years reverse engineering every chassis tube, body line, every discrete part. But, we have succeeded! We began by scanning 550-0090 (the last one ever built) into a functional 3D model. We built molds (called bucks) upon which we hand-hammer the panels. We used Chassis 550-0086 as a template to build our chassis. And we fit the car with original transmissions, engines, suspension parts – every part is either an original (NOS) or made from an original part. Yes, we are using original engines from 1955 in these cars!

Porsche built only 90 550 Spyders from 1953-1956. 60 years later, it is still one of the most coveted sports cars of all time. Originals are selling at auction for over $4.5 million.

Fiberglass replicas sell for $30,000 - $50,000 and they are fun cars, but they aren’t quite the real deal. A Spyder Creation 550 is an exact replica, in aluminum, and includes an original Porsche 4CAM engine; the engine alone is currently selling for $270,000. These 4CAM engines have increased in value over 50% in the last few years! This is what makes our cars closer to the real deal; it’s an investment that you can drive and the visceral driving experience is exactly like an original aluminum Porsche 550 Spyder!

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a treasure you can drive

The 550 Spyder hand-crafted tribute car.

Exact aluminum-bodied replica of Porsche's 550-0090

       — the last 550 Spyder ever built

Hand-crafted chassis and hand-hammered all-aluminum body

Built using only original or specifically reproduced parts

Weighs 550 kg, exactly the same as the originals

Fitted with restored original Porsche drivetrains, choice of

push-rod or 4-CAM engine

Track and road tested for optimum performance and reliability




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